News – Gart Properties Wed, 31 Jul 2019 22:19:25 +0000 en-US hourly 1 65401662 New Denver movie theater uses smells, “weather” and moving chairs to go beyond 3D Wed, 31 Jul 2019 22:02:22 +0000 Regal UA Denver Pavilions opened a 4DX theater earlier this month

If you’ve ever wanted to smell the movie you’re watching, a new Denver movie theater is right up your alley.

Earlier this month, a new “4DX” theater quietly opened at Regal UA Denver Pavilions. The specialty theater has moving chairs that “sync perfectly with blockbuster films, and weather and scent effects surround the viewer to create a multisensory experience, immersing movie fans in an unforgettable cinematic event,” according to a press release. The weather features will simulate everything from lightning and rain to wind and snow, according to the release.

The technology comes from a partnership between Regal Cinemas and movie tech company CJ 4DPLEX, which announced today that three 4DX theaters are opening in the U.S. by the end of July. Along with the Denver location, there are also 4DX theaters in Irvine and Sacramento, Calif. The company is also opening four new ScreenX theaters — which wrap the viewer in a 270-degree “immersive” screen — in Honolulu, Sacramento, Waco, Texas, and Alexandria, Va. “With the openings, the current count of Regal 4DX and ScreenX auditoriums will reach 21 and 20, respectively,” according to the release.

Regal UA Denver Pavilions 4DX is currently screening “The Lion King” in 3D 4DX. Upcoming movies that will be screened in 4DX theaters include “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw,” horror movie “Crawl,” “The Angry Birds Movie 2” and “Dora and the Lost City of Gold.”

If you’re wondering what it looks like when a movie theater’s seats suddenly start undulating and gyrating, a video posted to @4dxglobal’s Instagram page gives you an idea here!

Article by Beth Rankin with “The Know”

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20,000 Meals Provided To Food Bank of the Rockies From Denver Pavilions’ Holiday Carousel Thu, 07 Feb 2019 18:13:15 +0000 Great article from the Business Journal, a great donation to a great cause!

“20,000 Meals Provided To Food Bank of the Rockies From Denver Pavilions’ Holiday Carousel

The Donation Comes At Critical Time As The Food Bank Has Experienced Increased Demand From the Government Shutdown

DENVER,  Denver Pavilions’ is again providing a donation of $5,000 which allows the Food Bank of the Rockies to provide 20,000 meals for families in need. The donation was generated from ride revenue from Denver Pavilions’ Holiday Carousel. The 30′ carousel, located in the heart of downtown Denver on Glenarm Place, ran December 14, 2018 through January 2, 2019. The carousel, now in its fifth year, has become a holiday tradition in Downtown Denver.

$5,000 Check Donation to Food Bank of the Rockies from Denver Pavilions' Holiday Carousel.

The Food Bank of the Rockies serves a critical function for the community. This donation will assist with replenishing stock that was partially depleted due to assisting furloughed federal government employees during the 35 day government shutdown.

“Not only does the Denver Pavilions’ Holiday Carousel draw local and out-of-town visitors to the 16th Street Mall to help stimulate the downtown economy, but it also helps feed those in need in our community. This is a critically important cause at a critically important time,” states Mark Sidell, president of Gart Properties which owns the Denver Pavilions in conjunction with Rifkin Family Investment Company and MetLife.

“We’re so grateful for this long and generous partnership with Denver Pavilions’ Holiday Carousel. Thanks to their efforts, this gift will help us provide 20,000 meals and allow hungry families to thrive. One in 10 people in Colorado struggle with hunger and 1 in 6 Colorado kids don’t always know where they’ll find their next meal. It’s heartwarming to know a carousel that brings such holiday joy will also bring nourishing food to those in desperate need,” said Erin Pulling, Food Bank of the Rockies’ president and CEO.

The Food Bank of The Rockies is in further need of donations. If you would like to donate, please visit their website at please visit “



Denver Pavilions is a one-of-a-kind retail, dining and entertainment center located in the heart of downtown Denver on the 16th Street Mall, providing a critical mass of more than 40 retail tenants, restaurants and entertainment venues. The open-air Denver Pavilions features three-story buildings on a two-block development that is linked by “The Great Wall,” an exterior structure featuring the word “DENVER,” now coined as the #BestViewOfDenver, has become a favorite photo opportunity for locals and visitors alike. Denver Pavilions has become a destination for the metropolitan region, with such marquee tenants as the first-in-market Uniqlo, Sephora, H&M’s flagship store featuring an expanded children’s department and one of only five H&M Home departments in the U.S., the first-in-market video arcade FTW (For the Win), a remodeled 15-screen United Artists Theatre with state-of-the-art, full recliner seating and an in-theater bar plus a newly remodeled Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works. For more information, visit

Denver Pavilions, located on the 16th Street Mall in Denver, Colorado, is an open-air retail, dining, and entertainment complex. (PRNewsFoto/Denver Pavilions)

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SOURCE Denver Pavilions

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Osaka Restaurant – Now Open at the Village Shopping Center, Boulder Mon, 03 Dec 2018 22:04:41 +0000 Check out the article below from Lee Breslouer with Thrillist about Osaka’s delicious and unique Osaka Burger! Then be sure to stop on in to try one yourself!

Osaka Restaurant – a new way to Japanese!
2460 Canyon Blvd Suite #1 Boulder, CO 80302


11:00AM – 3:30PM | 5:00PM – 9:00PM

5:00PM – 6:00PM

11:00AM – 3:30PM

These Delicious Burger Buns are Made of Japanese Kale Pancakes

Published On 11/14/2018
Source: Thrillist

Osaka Burger

Combining pancakes and burgers is not a thing, despite IHOP getting super into burgers lately.

But at Osaka’s, a new Japanese restaurant in Boulder, Colorado, owner Koji Tamura bravely combined the two foods for a unique take on the all-American burger. He took the Japanese food okonomiyaki — a savory pancake usually made from cabbage, but sometimes kale — and transformed them into burger buns. Then he filled it with everything from chicken to pork, beef, and veggies. He’s serving what he says is the first okonomiyaki-style burger in America, and it’s damn good.

Is America ready for the kale okonomiyaki burger? Let’s hope so.

It all started when Osaka, Japan-born Koji Tamura went to college in Los Angeles in the ‘70s. His classmates asked Tamura to prepare them some Japanese cuisine — wait, you can just ask your friends to make you dinner?! — and he made okonomiyaki.

The savory pancake is super common in Japan, but not as well known stateside. It’s made primarily from shredded cabbage, eggs, and flour, and it’s heated on a pan until it forms a crispy disk. You can top it with all manner of protein and veggies. “Okonomiyaki means ‘whatever you like,’” Tamura explains.

So he makes okonomiyaki, his friends love it, and a dream is born. He decides he’ll eventually go to America and open a restaurant. Forty-six long years later, after long stints in Germany and Japan, he retires from the corporate world and opens up his first restaurant in America. Just like that!

It’s not a fast-casual spot. Osaka’s looks like a modern Japanese eatery — plenty of wood and beautiful lighting, with much of the decor selected by his wife. Two of Osaka’s chefs came with him from an earlier iteration of the restaurant in Kobe, Japan. They serve a full menu of Japanese comfort food and his favorite dish from Osaka, except for with an American twist.

Then he turned okonomiyaki into a burger.  But lest you think this is another flash-in-the-pan like that ramen burger craze of 2013, this is has the potential for a longer life. See, no one eats ramen scrunched up into bun-form. But when Osaka’s turned cabbage-filled okonomiyaki into a burger bun, it wasn’t too much of a change — it’s just two bun-sized pancakes with a little hinge on the back. And because they’re based in super health-conscious Boulder (and because people are generally interested in living longer!), they developed a kale burger as well. Both the kale and the cabbage burgers can be filled with anything from sukiyaki beef to sliced pork and noodles with garlic sauce to shredded chicken, a fried egg, and a shiso leaf with a plum mayo sauce. I sat down and tried a pair. And I was converted.

Mushroom Kale Osaka Burger

Osaka's Burger

It takes about 3oz of kale to make this burger bun, and they’re prepared fresh each morning. I admit I was a little

skeptical, as I was worried the kale would be bitter and the mushrooms would be earthy, and I’d have to politely excuse myself from the table to deposit my napkin in a trash can.

Thankfully, the burger was delicious and satisfying. It doesn’t taste overly kale-y. “Once you cook the kale, it sweetens and kind of caramelizes,” Charlie Curtis, Osaka’s GM told me. I thought it’d be kale overload, but it was just the essence of kale and a ton of mushrooms with a decadent butter ponzu sauce I want to bottle and put on everything. The kale bun didn’t fall apart either — it stayed together like everyone’s parents were supposed to.

Sukiyaki Beef Osaka Burger

This is practically begging to become a modern brunch classic, as it piles tender sukiyaki beef with sweet soy sauce, onions, asparagus, and a fried egg onto cabbage okonomiyaki buns. Like the kale burger, these buns also held together nicely.

Osaka's Burger

It didn’t feel like I was eating a traditional American hamburger, but it didn’t not feel like a burger either. In some ways, it was a better experience. I didn’t feel like I needed to take a nap after eating a ton of bread, and I loved the twist (soy sauce! asparagus!) on a traditional beef burger. Oh, and it also came with a side of miso soup. I can say with certainty that I’ve never had miso soup and a burger at the same meal, but this works. For obvious reasons!

My favorite types of foods are ones that feel familiar and unique all at the same time — there’s a reason the ramen burger captured America’s attention for a hot minute — and these Osaka Burgers fit right into that wheelhouse. America has already embraced Japan’s sushi and ramen, so why can’t it warm up to this play on okonomiyaki? While this is only the first restaurant, Tamura has big plans for more Osaka’s locations.

And who knows, maybe IHOB — sorry, IHOP — will one day serve a kale okonomiyaki-style burger too. IHOO has a nice ring to it.

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Giordano’s, famous Chicago deep dish, opens its first Colorado restaurant on the 16th Street Mall Wed, 28 Nov 2018 17:36:49 +0000 By  

Pizza, quite understandably, can inspire religion-like levels of fervor. And one of the most apotheosized Chicago-style pizzerias is now open for worship in Denver. Giordano’s has debuted its first Colorado restaurant on the 16th Street Mall at California Street.

When debating Chicago’s best deep-dish pies, three names typically come up: Giordano’s, Gino’s East and Lou Malnati’s. The latter two have yet to cross the Colorado state line, but Giordano’s is steadily expanding, and it’s now open in nine states.

Unenlightened? Giordano’s is known for its souffle-like, giant pizzas. The “toppings” and cheese (lots of cheese) are stuffed inside and topped with sauce, so, it’s sort of upside-down from what we’re used to. These mammoth pizzas have built such a cult following, that they can be shipped nationwide. Except now we don’t have to pay for shipping, just for parking.

The first Giordano’s opened on Chicago’s south side in 1974, and the brand has been making believers out of legions of Chicago diners and tourists ever since. Denverites can get indoctrinated now; our Giordano’s outpost opened Nov. 13.

Giordano’s: 1600 California St., Denver, 720-874-5205;; Sun.-Thurs. 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Fri.-Sat. 11 a.m.-11 p.m.

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LE FRENCH CAFE TO OPEN IN THE VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER IN BOULDER IN OCTOBER, 2017 Thu, 19 Oct 2017 18:38:36 +0000 Gart Properties LLC leases space to Le French Café on Arapahoe Avenue in Boulder.

Denver, Colorado- October, 2017-

Le French Café will be opening October 20, 2017 in the former Cheese Course space in The Village Shopping Center.  Located at 2525 Arapahoe Avenue, Suite C-6, Le French Café will be featuring freshly made croissants every morning, pastries made onsite, French crepes, salads and sandwiches.  It is a full service restaurant specializing in French comfort food in a family friendly environment.

The owners have been in the restaurant industry for 15 years, specializing in pastries for the last 5 years.  “The Village is a little town in a big town.  There are lots of friendly neighbors and it is a very popular location.  Its close proximity to the University and neighborhoods makes it a perfect central location.” stated one of the owners Agnes Garrigou.  Le French Café will be open Tuesday through Saturday from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM, with the pastry shop open until 5:30 PM, and Sunday from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

The lease term on the 1,993 square foot space is ten years.

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First-time brewer skips into Westminster retail strip Tue, 15 Aug 2017 15:02:34 +0000 First-time brewer skips into Westminster retail strip

By: Kailyn Lamb | August 9, 2017 | BusinessDen 

frolic willow run

Frolic Brewing Co. will open in the Willow Run Shopping Center early next year. (Kailyn Lamb) 

A former drone entrepreneur is flying into Westminster to open a brewery.

Chris Miser, owner and founder of Frolic Brewing Co., is combining a love for beer and pizza in his new business venture at 12910 Zuni St. in Westminster. Frolic will be located in the Willow Run Shopping Center, which is short an anchor tenant after Safeway closed in 2015.

Miser40, said he hopes to take the place of an anchor shop, and that the area is a prime location for a brewery.

“There’s 66,000 people, and this is all residential, and there’s not a single brewery north of 120th and south of 470,” he said.

Frolic’s 10-year lease started this month, and Miser hopes to open the 3,000-square-foot brewery and pizzeria in early 2018.

Miser has no plans to get into the wholesale business. The competition to catch the eye of beer shoppers is already a tough market.

Chris Miser

Chris Miser

“There’s too many regional breweries right now – you’re fighting for shelf space,” he said.

Instead, he will focus on the 15 taps at Frolic. It will have 10 to 12 taps for regular beers, leaving the rest for rotating experiments. With a seven-barrel brewing system, it will be able to make around 500 barrels of beer annually.

Miser, who grew up in Nevada, ran drone business Falcon Unmanned in Frederick, Colorado, which focused on flight training, manufacturing drones and delivery services.

The business made money, but at the end of last year, Miser didn’t see substantial profits in the future of Falcon due to competition from China. He converted the Frederick shop into storage for Frolic’s brewing system, and used the funds from Falcon to start building the beer company.

After taking a brewing class with his neighbors, Echo Brewing Co., he started volunteering there to learn the business. He will give up his space in Frederick after his lease ends early next year. 

Miser said he is funding the buildout and doing much of the construction himself. In addition to the taproom and restaurant inside, Frolic will feature a 1,200 square foot patio.

While pizza will be the main pairing for beers, Miser said he wants to get creative with menu items. Anything that can be cooked in the pizza oven, such as dough bites, omelets and other brunch items, will have a spot on the menu. He said it also will offer wine and cocktails at the bar, as well as nonalcoholic drinks.

Miser said he likely will move from Frederick to Westminster once Frolic is up and running. He plans on hiring two kitchen staff and two front-of-house staff.

“It’s nice to have a lease and be working toward my future,” he said.

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Motomaki, a fast-casual Japanese concept from the team behind Hapa Sushi, opening on 16th Street Mall Thu, 29 Jun 2017 22:16:22 +0000 By  

Motomaki, a Japanese fast-casual concept from the team behind Hapa Sushi, is best known for its burrito-sized maki sushi rolls. (provided by Denver Pavilions)

Motomaki, a Japanese fast-casual concept from the team behind Hapa Sushi, will open this fall in the lower level of the downtown shopping center, taking over the space previously home to Native Foods Cafe, Gart Properties announced Wednesday.

It will be the first Denver location for the Boulder-born concept. Motomaki also has an outpost in Lakewood near Colorado Mills.

Known for its giant maki sushi rolls — foil-wrapped, burrito-sized and customizable — the first Motomaki opened in Boulder’s Twenty Ninth Street mall in 2014. Its “big rolls” range in price from $7 to $12, and other items on the menu include build-you-own rice bowls, poke and salads.

The 3,300-square-foot Denver location will also boast an outdoor patio and offer beer, wine and sake.

“The most important consideration for us is location,” Motomaki owner Mark Van Grack said in a statement. “Opening our newest restaurant at Denver Pavilions will help us tap into a large, growing new market. Downtown Denver is a place where people want to live, work and play.”

Native Foods Cafe shuttered its Denver Pavilions and University Park locations in early 2016.

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Downtown Denver Target set to open by summer 2018, will offer fresh produce, home decor, pharmacy and more Thu, 29 Jun 2017 22:11:13 +0000 Smaller-format store will be located at 16th, California streets

Target will open a 28,000-square-foot store in summer 2018 at the corner of 16th and California streets in downtown Denver.

Target will open a 28,000-square-foot store in summer 2018 at the corner of 16th and California streets in downtown Denver.


After more than a decade of false hopes and false starts, it’s finally happening: Target is coming to downtown Denver and will open its new store by next summer, the Minneapolis-based retailer announced Tuesday.

The 28,000-square-foot “one-stop shop” at 16th and California streets will feature a custom mix of merchandise specifically tailored for Denver’s downtown dwellers and workers, a Target spokeswoman said.

That includes fresh produce and grab-and-go food; home decor and home office supplies; personal care and beauty products; entertainment and electronics; and men’s and women’s apparel and accessories. The store will also feature a CVS Pharmacy and Target’s online Order Pickup service.

“Grocery is definitely a category that will be a priority and that we’ll lead with in this store, as well as the home and office offerings, knowing there are a lot of people who work near this store,” spokeswoman Kristy Welker said. “We really take a close look at the guest demographics. We know there are a lot of young working professionals in this area. The assortment will be catered toward them.”

The store, part of Target’s efforts to operate more than 130 small-format stores by the end of 2019, will anchor the top two levels of the California Mall building, which is owned by Gart Properties and Rifkin Family Investment Company.

News of the lease negotiations broke in February shortly before the Denver City Council approved a $4 million incentive package to help draw the retailer downtown. The lease was finalized Monday.

“Target is thrilled to bring our first small-format store to Colorado and be part of a thriving community in downtown Denver,” said Mark Schindele, senior vice president of Target properties, in a statement. “The modern design of our downtown Denver store will showcase unique features for people who live, work and play in this neighborhood, including a third-level glass atrium that offers views up and down the 16th Street Mall.”

The building at 1600 California St. has been more than half-empty since owners shuttered a second-story food court in 2006. Existing ground-floor tenants Chipotle, Red Robin, Einstein Bros. Bagels and Great Clips will stay on.

“We were waiting for the right opportunity, and we weren’t exactly sure what that opportunity might be — this is a whole other level,” said Mark Sidell, president of Gart Properties. “This represents really meaningful sales volumes, lots of people visiting the store every day, and it also checks an important box in the list of the things you need to be able to live, work and play downtown and not have to run out to some suburb to get what in many cases are essentials.”

At 28,000 square feet, the downtown store will be less than a quarter of the size of a typical 130,000-square-foot Target, Welker said. The retailer currently operates 36 small-format stores nationwide, all in dense urban and suburban neighborhoods and on college campuses.

“We will make adjustments to the store assortment if we hear from guests that they have specific needs/wants,” she said.

The Denver store should open no later than summer 2018, although a springtime opening is possible, Welker said.

“Downtown Denver retail is on a roll, and we expect this trend to continue,” said Tami Door, CEO of the Downtown Denver Partnership.

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Sephora opening store in downtown Denver Thu, 29 Jun 2017 22:06:43 +0000 Denver Pavilions store will open this summer on the ground level next to Maggiano’s Little Italy
Global beauty retailer Sephora plans to open a store this summer in the Denver Pavilions. 


Good news, beauty buffs: Sephora is coming to downtown Denver.

The global beauty retailer has signed a lease with Denver Pavilions to open a 5,648-square-foot store on the ground floor of the downtown shopping center, Pavilions officials confirmed Thursday.

The store — Sephora’s sixth in Colorado but first in downtown Denver — will open this summer in the former Victoria’s Secret space next door to Maggiano’s Little Italy.

“As the largest beauty retailer in America, Sephora is an exceptional addition to Denver Pavilions and the downtown Denver retail scene,” said Mark Sidell, president of Gart Properties, which owns the mall. “Its diverse product lines and central location will enable them to cater to their devoted fan base while building new brand enthusiasts here in downtown Denver. Sephora will fit in perfectly with our strong lineup of global, national and local leading retail brands on the 16th Street Mall.”

Sephora is the latest high-profile retail “get” for downtown and Gart. In February, Gart confirmed it was in serious lease negotiations with Target to open an urban-concept store at 16th and California streets. Last fall, Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo opened its first Colorado store in the Pavilions.


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16th Street Mall: An economic engine Thu, 29 Jun 2017 22:01:39 +0000 Denver Pavilions

The 16th Street Mall generates more than 30 percent of the total sales tax collected in downtown Denver and continues to announce first-to-market and new-to-downtown retailers. Courtesy Denver Pavilions

Emily Brett Economic development manager, Downtown Denver Partnership, Denver

Emily Brett
Economic development manager, Downtown Denver Partnership, Denver

Downtown Denver and its city center neighborhoods are home to nearly 80,000 residents, a number that has increased by 16,000 since 2010. Denver is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, and Denver’s center city is expected to add close to 10,000 additional residents by 2022. This residential renaissance, when combined with a rapidly growing workforce of more than 130,000 strong, has encouraged significant retail development, including first-to-market and new-to-downtown options, which is especially visible along the 16th Street Mall.

As one of Denver’s most powerful economic engines, the mall generates more than 30 percent of the total sales tax collected in downtown. Retail is a powerful component of several strategies to help steward the successful future of downtown’s most heavily trafficked corridor as one that is safe, welcoming and inclusive.

The Downtown Denver Partnership and the city and county of Denver, alongside mall property owners, are executing a retail strategy for downtown’s “main street” that includes recruiting high-quality amenities, especially high-impact retail concepts that are attractive to residents, visitors and employees alike. The vision, outlined in the 2007 Downtown Area Plan, is to support downtown’s overall economic vitality through diverse retail uses as part of a place-based economic development strategy that has seen significant momentum of late.

Several recent retail arrivals signal the strength of the market, including the October 2016 opening of international retailer Uniqlo. The brand’s 30,000-square-foot flagship store features a vibrant mall façade and anchors Denver Pavilions. In March, Denver City Council approved a $4 million incentive to support bringing Target to the center city for the first time. Acclaimed international retailer Sephora also recently signed a lease to open a nearly 6,000-sf store on the mall later this summer.

“Downtown Denver is on a roll and people are paying attention,” said Tami Door, president and CEO of the Downtown Denver Partnership. “By choosing the 16th Street Mall as a new location for popular brands, we are sending a clear message that it is a place where national retailers can be successful.”

The selection of 16th and California as a potential location for Target also fulfills a Downtown Area Plan goal that specifically highlights the intersection as a key retail location downtown, in addition to the importance of other retail clusters including Denver Union Station and Larimer Street. As of the end of 2016, the overall retail vacancy rate for downtown was 4.4 percent, with an average lease rate of $23.32 per sf.

Leading several of the recent retail successes on the mall is Gart Properties, whose Denver Pavilions location is home to more than 40 restaurants, shops and entertainment venues and several first-to-market brands including H&M, Uniqlo and For The Win. Gart Properties entity Sixteen Cal LLC is working to finalize the details that would bring Target downtown for the first time, a goal that has been in the works by various downtown stakeholders for nearly 20 years.

“These recent first-to-market and new-to-downtown retail additions kickoff the next great chapter in the story of downtown Denver and the 16th Street Mall,” said Mark Sidell, president of Gart Properties. “Their selection reflects the progress we have all achieved in making Denver a world-class city.”

You can’t discuss retail along the mall without highlighting restaurants, which make up 44 percent of the record $52 million in retail sales tax generated last year. The more than 1-mile-long mall is home to nearly 200 retailers and restaurants, more than 50 percent of which are local or local chains. More than 40 sidewalk cafés make the mall a popular outdoor dining destination, which has seen recent additions including Tavern Hospitality Group’s Otra Vez Cantina, a new Colorado-focused concept in Burnt Barrel and several popular regional brands including Modern Market and The Kitchen. This summer, the mall is slated to serve as the front door of the Skyline Beer Garden, which will feature craft brews, cocktails and new dining options for Skyline Park during the summer months.

“Recent additions to downtown Denver’s retail mix show that the center city is top of mind for key national retailers whose products and services meet the needs of downtown’s growing residential and employee population, and we expect this trend to continue,” said Door.

Continued advancement of the retail recruitment strategy for the mall is bolstered by recent retail success that highlights the overall attractiveness of downtown Denver as a place where people want to live and work, and a desirable location for new and expanded retail opportunities.

Featured in CREJ’s May Retail Properties Quarterly. 

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