Cross Fit Sanitas to Open in Village Shopping Center in Boulder in January

Gart Properties LLC leases former Ellie’s space at Folsom and Arapahoe between Sprouts and Memories to Digital.

Denver, Colorado – December 12, 2012 –

Cross Fit will be opening on New Year’s Day in the former Ellie’s space next to Sprouts Market in The Village Shopping Center.  Owners Eric and Melissa Roza were looking for a location that is centrally located and close to McGuckin Hardware, Sprouts, and Grandrabbits, among others.  “The Village had the perfect space for us; it was a large, finished space with high ceilings,” stated Melissa.  “It was already a beautiful space and we felt it differentiated us from the more typical industrial locations of other Cross Fits in town.”

This is the Roza’s first venture into retail.  “Our partner runs one of the most successful Cross Fits in Colorado,” said Roza.  “I’ve personally seen CrossFit improve dozens of lives,” said owner Eric Roza, who is a CrossFit coach. “Yet many people are reluctant to try it, thinking they are somehow not ready, or they’re intimidated by the garage-like feel of most CrossFit gyms. Melissa and I want to change that, so we’ve created a beautiful, centrally located gym that is inviting and comfortable.”

CrossFit Sanitas will offer a convenient program of one-hour classes seven days a week to accommodate all levels and schedules. In addition to open classes, there will be classes for beginners, women only, master’s 40+, and CrossFit Endurance for athletes looking to improve their competitive race times.  Each workout will be led by an expert coach who focuses on movement, nutrition, and recovery.

The lease term on the 9,862 square foot space is five years.  The tenant was represented by Dan Ferrick and Michael-Ryan McCarty of Gibbons & White.